Light Gauge


Panel-Loc™ is a low rib (5/8”) panel that is best used for post frame barns and buildings, as well as residential roofing. Panel Loc™ is available in 26 and 29 gauge steel.

Panel-Loc Plus

Panel-Loc Plus™ is a low rib (3/4”) panel which provides durable performance with an added striation on top of the rib that gives it even more strength. Panel-Loc Plus™ gives agricultural and light commercial projects, as well as residential roofs, the protection of steel with an attractive appearance.


Horizon-Loc™ is a durable concealed fastener roof system with easy snap together installation. This architectural panel system uses minimally visible fasteners, giving your building a clean, attractive finish. The panel’s easy snap-on ribs attach rapidly with no hand seaming, so installation is less expensive than traditional standing seam.


This 26 gauge commercial panel is an excellent choice for projects that require commercial grade performance. R-Loc™ is designed to maximize the potential of your structures, specifically the steel frame. R-Loc™ has an added purlin bearing rib, so you can count on easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.


BarnMaster® corrugated panels are an economical option for any agricultural application. Central States Mfg. offers 1 1/4 and 2 1/2 profiles depending on your needs. Longer lead times may apply on some orders as this panel is manufactured in our Arkansas facility. Protect your investment with BarnMaster® corrugated panels.

CD 2000™

Available only in Hartford, SD
CD 2000™ has been a strong choice for roofing and siding applications for decades. It is available in our proven Central Guard modified siliconized polyester paint system colors which include many of the original offerings. The board-and-batten appearance provide an attractive cost effective option for a wide variety of agricultural, light industrial and commercial uses.


Available only in Jasper, AL and Mount Airy, NC.
The 5V™ panel continues to be a proven favorite for residential, agricultural and light commercial roof applications. This low-rib, exposed fastener panel is one of the oldest metal roofing profiles in the marketplace. 5V™ has a classic appearance and is especially popular in coastal areas.