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At Central States, we believe in speed:  fast delivery, returning calls quickly, and getting you information quickly.  CentralLink is your inside pass to everything that happens on your account, so you know exactly what is happening to your order and when you can expect it.

It’s free, easy, and different than what anyone else in the industry can offer.

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CentralLink lets you create customers, assign markups, create non-Central States items, and print invoices for your customers. It’s not complex like other systems, but it’s just the right amount of sophistication for small lumber yards and metal distributors. You can even print out price pages for your customers.


Place your orders directly to our rollformers. They will stop at your salesperson’s desk for review and then straight to operations. We know that your business doesn’t always stop at 5:00 and CentralLink lets you order and quote metal whenever you need it.


You can track your order right through our production process. Click on an order to see when it will arrive and see what else is on the truck. Sign up for mobile alerts and or get notifications if things change. Better yet, sign up your customers so they have the latest information as well.


You can invite your customers to use CentralLink. They can quote their own projects, and track their own orders, and save their calls to you for placing orders. Don’t worry they will only see their price, not your costs. Plus they can use their own roofing and building estimator. Here’s a thought:  Upload non-Central States items into CentralLink and let them order everything from you, right from our mobile app to your sales desk.

CentralLink is perfect for contractors on-the-go


Get a quick quote for those customers who are just kicking the tires on a metal roof. Choose the product, the type of roof, and the number of squares to see a quick price for the roof, with or without markups. Flip back and forth between options to upsell the customer to a better quality roof.


Tired of figuring gable ends? For those of you that haven’t been in the industry for years, we have a building estimator that provides a quick cutlist and price for the steel of a building.  See how many fasteners and rakes you will need. Convert it into an order to send to Central States® and email it to your customer.


For those in the industry that use MBS software for metal buildings, CentralLink will import your project directly into our system. When an order has 100’s of lines, we want to make sure it’s right. Our MBS integration will make sure that you get to the jobsite with every purlin punched correctly and every piece accounted for. Simply click a project file and hit “Import.” It will also automatically update costs in MBS with a click of a button.


We are always here to train and help with CentralLink, but sometimes you want to walk through at your own pace. We have videos in our “help” section that will walk you through each section of CentralLink, so you don’t miss a thing.

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