Yes, please download and follow our brand guidelines.

  1. DOWNLOAD our logo package.
  2. Follow our BRAND GUIDELINES and quick tips below.
  3. PROOF your project to [email protected] before proceeding.

Yes, you can link to any content on the Central States website.

Please use external linking, which will allow users of your website to be directed to information housed on our website.

DISCLAIMER: By giving our customers permission to link from their website to ours, or use our content (text, photos or illustrations), Central States Mfg. does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products found on these sites.

We ask that you do not download and save files to your computer for future reference.

We are continually updating our website to provide you with the most up-to-date product information and marketing tools.
If you save files to your computer you will have outdated information as we update online.

No, you may not use any photos found in our gallery.

The project photos you see in our gallery or marketing materials come from distributors and contractors who use Central States products, and then allow us to photograph their projects. Because of this, we do not allow project photos to be shared with other entities.

Yes, we may be able to help you get photos of your projects.

We are always looking to secure new photos and are more than happy to assist you in obtaining professional quality photos of your projects.

  1. Snap a few quick cell phone pictures of projects using our Central States products.
  2. Email the photos to [email protected]
  3. We will evaluate the project.
  4. If we think your project fits our needs (for a specific panel profile or color), then we will send you a photo release, and arrange a drone photographer to take professional photos.
  5. A photographer may call you to schedule the photo.
  6. We will email you a link to high-quality images of your project.

There are many website where you can purchase photographs of metal roofing or siding on various projects. Below is a short list that might help you find what you need.

Yes, we do have a limited amount of panel photos and illustrations you can use.

If you use the images, please link back to our website, or mention Central States Mfg. as the copyright holder.
An example for a Panel-Loc Plus™ illustration would be: Copyright © 2018, Central States Manufacturing, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

We have saved our logo in several different file types for you. Check with your vendor if you are uncertain which logo to use, or send your vendor a link to this page. If you have any questions, contact the marketing department at [email protected].

  • JPG files – JPG’s are probably what you are looking for if you are using Microsoft Word or Power Point. A tshirt vendor might also request this type of file, depending on their processes. If a vendor requests a jpg, it is appropriate to make them aware that you have the logo in a higher quality EPS file if they can use it.
  • EPS files – EPS files are high resolution vector files. You most likely will not be able to use these on your computer in Microsoft programs. This file type is intended for vendors who are creating banners, signs, etc. Please supply your vendor with a link to this page so they can download it themselves.
  • PDF files – PDF’s are used for a variety of applications. They are high resolution and may be used when you are unable to use a EPS file.
  • PNG file – PNG files are low resolution and mainly used for web applications only. You may need a transparent PNG file for your powerpoint. Do not use this file type for anything that will be printed.

Yes, direct your web designer to this link where they can download a zipped folder that includes .jpg files created using hex codes, and a cross reference excel sheet.


CAUTION: These hex codes are intended to represent the paint colors found on Central States metal panels. They are not exact color matches and should not be used for any color selection or matching. They should not be used on any printed material. They can be used as a digital reference of available range of colors offered in metal roofing and siding. Any color selection should come from a physical color chart and any color matching should be done using a metal sample.



Our official color is Pantone 202. If you’re not sure what that means, choose black. Don’t make any promotional items in burgundy, crimson red, tomato red, brick red, or red.


Make sure to leave white space around the logo. Use at least one “C” width for spacing.


Don’t alter the Central States logo or place it on a colored or patterned background. Do not stretch, squeeze, recolor, pattern, screen or otherwise distort the logo.


Do not type anything in the Copperplate Gothic font. Instead, choose any sans serif font like Helvetica, Arial, etc.