Roofing Passport - Save Money

Quick and accurate metal roofing measurements and quotes, in the palm of your hand!

Are you a contractor who is looking for a simplified metal roof estimator with precise measurement accuracy to save you time in your daily functions of quoting projects? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

The Sherwin-Williams Roofing Passport* is a groundbreaking digital platform that enables project estimation with one click –  transforming your metal roofing business in a matter of minutes.

*Roofing Passport is available only to current Metal Central customers. Other individuals and homeowners should reach out to their contractor or go to a Metal Central directly in order to get a metal roofing quote. 

Why should you use Roofing Passport?

  • Save time! Project estimate can be built with no drive time or climbing on a roof, in just 3-minutes!
  • Quote from the comfort of your home office or phone
  • Quick estimate turnaround! 3D rendering, measurements, and Central States metal panel cutlist available in around 3 hours.
  • Highly accurate roof measurements - eliminates uncertainty
  • Any project! New construction, Re-roofing, and more
  • Residential or Commercial projects
  • Impress your clients with cutting-edge technology

Is there a cost?

Yes, Roofing Passport projects are charged to you, the user, typically via a credit card using the following scale of fees.

Address Look-up (for current structures and re-roofing – EagleView tool):

  1. Up to 2,000 sq feet = $35.88
  2. 2,000-4,000 sq feet = $56.93
  3. Over 4,000 sq feet = $82.50
  4. Multi-Family/Commercial = $100

Plans/Blueprint/Drawings (for new structures, architectural, etc. – Roofing WRX tool):

  1. Single Structure = $71
  2. Multiple Structures = $125

XML File upload (for uploading measurements from other satellite tools, etc.) = $15

All projects include a 3-D modeling, measurements, material lists, panel layout, pricing and final bid sheets. Downloadable files are available within quote tool after selection of material, labor, and shipping add-ons. Quickly download and submit to the customer for competitive advantage / fast estimation.

How does it work?

3 different ways to produce your project estimate tool:

  1. EagleView lookup uses the customer address to produce an aerial view of the home and highly accurate roof measurements (best option for current home re-roof projects).
  2. Roofing WRX allows you to upload a blueprint, drawings, or any other roof measurements (great option for new buildings).
  3. XML Upload allows you to submit an XML directly to the tool (great option for those with an EagleView, TopView, Hover, or other measurement software tool).

What you get:

  • 3-D drawing of roof with measurements
  • List of materials needed and lengths of each (panels, trim, and accessories)
  • Editable panel choices, colors, and accessory options for quick fine-tuning
  • Editable labor, freight, and add-ons can be added per contractor or per job
  • Project Quote printout that you can submit to your client
  • Printable roof sheathing layout, full roof layout, and roof cut sheet
  • Downloadable CSV file for quick ordering from Metal Central’s Central Link

Quality, Central States Metal Panels and Trim:

  • Panel-Loc Plus (Ultra, Prime, Standard)
  • Panel-Loc (Ultra, Prime, Standard)
  • Horizon-Loc (Concealed and Exposed Fastener)
  • Central Snap
  • R-Loc (Prime)
  • M-Loc (Prime)

Quick Start Your Project Quote

Real Time Customization

Download PDF Views, Cut List and Win the Bid!

Sign-Up and Project Estimates are just a few quick steps away!

  1. Register below for account approval and credentials (allow 24-hour processing)
  2. Account log-in will be sent directly to your email with a User Guide to get your started
  3. A member of our team will reach out to you to set up training – new users that go through training will get a free code to use on their first job! (training lasts approx. 1-hour)
  4. Once you’re ready to start – entering a project takes less than 3-minutes
  5. Roofing Passport creates the measurements and cut list
  6. You can then edit the project, panels, colors, and more to customize the project per your customer requests.
  7. Quote price will automatically update in the system.
  8. Downloadable layout views and cut list are available at any time in the system.
  9. Save the project, win the bid, and start your next one! It’s that easy.

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