Make an impact.

Manufacturing premium metal roofing requires both production and non-production employees. Opportunities can be found in the following areas: administration, IT, purchasing, finance, maintenance, engineering, operations, sales, marketing, management and executive management. You may not have thought about a career in metal roofing, but if you have a talent for finance or graphic design Central States might just be the perfect job for you.

Our company is growing and we need employees that want to make an impact.  From our roots as a small hometown company in Arkansas, we empower our employees to make decisions and we train them to make the right ones.  A job is more than a paycheck, it’s about learning and growing as a professional and enjoying the environment you work in.  Explore the opportunities that exist at our different facilities.

Most of our work at Central States is cross functional, meaning that you will have an opportunity to work with several departments.  This allows you to understand more about the business and grow as a professional.

Because we believe in employee empowerment and open book management, you will be able to impact the business and make a difference at your job.  You will have the opportunity to advance your professional skills through exposure to real business decisions.


Make your 9-5 mean more than just a paycheck.